Throwback Thursday with the PalmPilot, PocketPC 2000 & Dell PDAs

Do you remember the PalmPilot? How about MP3 players before the iPod came along? The Handspring Treo? Microsoft’s relaunch of Windows CE into an almost-game changer PocketPC 2000? Pharos GPS and Griffin Tech? Or, literally the first ever “tech-wearable”, the Scott eVest?

We’ve dug through the digital archives and found some of our classic magazine issues, that before binarybound, we published under the brand PocketAnywhere and GadgetMe!

Read some of the 22 previously published pdf issues from 2002 to 2006 and prepare to take a trip back in time, as well as for a healthy smile! It’s amazing at we thought was “revolutionary” and to see which of our tech-dreams actually came true.

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How do I make Spotify sound more like Beats by Dre?

There is an ongoing debate on how music should be delivered to your ears. Some want it like Dre, tweaking the music to emphasize the bass and vocals, while depressing the “less interesting” middle frequencies, thus giving it a sharpness to your ear. Others may want their music a little more flat sounding or prefer it be like a “CD” and finally you have the “the way it was recorded in the studio” crowd. Defining each of those presets is a little subjective in my opinion and going to be a picky crowd to please. So how do all these online music services like Beats, Rdio, Spotify and Tidal make everyone happy?  (more…)