Who Doesn’t Like LEGO? Now, You Can Play and Write with One Too

This may be a stretch for #yourlifeintech because it looks like a LEGO. It clicks together like a LEGO. It even feels like a LEGO, yet it’s also an incredibly smooth writing gel pen, that you can snap more LEGO’s, like a Star Wars TIE Advanced Prototype microfighter minifigurine pilot onto and call it #geek or #popculture. You can also snap the pens to each other. How cool is that?

I have to admit this was a silly and impulsive purchase that actually turned out to be quite fun. The pen is of course plastic: white with corresponding colored LEGO pieces at the top to match the ink color. On the top is where the 1 x 4 platform LEGO piece is located. Both sides of a LEGO are provided but are not the same piece. The 1 x4 on the backside of the pen sticks out about 1/8 inch. I’m not really sure of the design reason for this, perhaps so you could build off it and create a shirt-clip.

IMG_4903 IMG_4900

The biggest design flaw in my opinion is not having the ability to use the pen cap end like a standard LEGO. A 1×1 block would have easily fit onto the end and if you’re a DIYer it wouldn’t be too hard to hacksaw off the end and Gorilla glue a 1×1 block on it instead. The biggest challenge for me with that DIY project is finding the 1×1 block. My LEGO bucket was sold at yard-sale when I went away to college.

Thankfully the toy store hasn’t been completely replaced yet by the digital age and we still have a local Toys R Us so I took a stroll through the aisles and found a Star Wars TIE Advanced Prototype microfighter LEGO set for $10. Unfortunately it didn’t include a 1×1 block, but did have a cool TIE Fighter figurine that I could snap onto the end of the pen, and once I had a few minutes to put together the set it made an ominous pen topper that would impress any of your grade-school aged cousins.

imageedit_1_3340114403 imageedit_4_7533346928

These pens are so fun and smooth to write with that I am thinking of ordering the red, black and blue multi-pack through Amazon and maybe even write some code or perhaps jot a few notes down about a few upcoming product reviews: LoseIt app, Moov Now and the Kenneth Cole Reaction ‘Risky Business’ Single Gusset Messenger Bag.

Source: Purchased at Barnes & Noble (Black only) but I’d recommend the multi-color 3-pack.