Throwback Thursday Review: Waterfield Design’s iPod Gear Pouch circa 2005

This review was originally published at PocketAnywhere in October 2005. Over the years the Waterfield iPod Gear Pouch, now available as the Waterfield Padded Gear Pouch for $59, has evolved with the gadgets and gear of the modern enthusiast and has a great new design. The Waterfield gear pouch that I still use today from 11 years ago looks just as good as it did the day it arrived on my doorstep in 2005. What hasn’t changed with the product, is the durable quality.

Without need for more words, here is the originally published review of the Waterfield iPod Gear Pouch.


2201_image1Review By Jim McCarthy
Category: cases
Published: October 2005, PocketAnywhere

If a picture says a thousand words than I don’t need to write any more. Just take a minute to look over the photos of the Waterfield ipod Gear Pouch and ask yourself if this isn’t something that you need to have. For me there was no question. My iPod goes with me just about everywhere from house to car to office to picnics to gym and the Gear Pouch just makes sense for any iPod user because it keeps everything you could possibly need to hook-in your iPod anywhere.

Made from durable, yet fashionable Ballistic Nylon and a black, soft-lining, the iPod Gear Pouch is strong and protective when using the suggested way to pack the pouch (as shown in illustration at right). With this packing strategy, all iPod accessories slip into the pouch like matching puzzle pieces so not a cord or plastic knob bumps into the other causing additional friction or perhaps even scratching when rubbing against each other. This makes it safe to drop the iPod Gear Pouch into a bigger backpack or suitcase for travel.

From the photo it is obvious to where things go for maximum protection and fit. However, I found that placing all the cords in the center pocket, where the FM Transmitter and power pack are located in the photo made it easier to grab what you are looking for while driving. For example, I would keep the Belkin 12-volt DC Adapter as well as the USB/Firewire cable in the pouch area. If it fit, I also placed the Belkin Tunecast on top of the cables. It isn’t that large of an accessory and squishes well too. In the outside zippered pocket, the original and trend-setting white iPod earbuds and the remote wind up nicely and slide conveniently into the pockets. I tend to also carry an extra pair of small headphones and a splitter with me in case I need to share my iTunes with anyone.

Not just for the iPod
Waterfield may not be the first to advertise this, but the iPod Gear pouch can also be used for other gadgets and gizmos. Before my iPod arrived I used the Gear Pouch to store multiple PDAs and sync-n-charge cables. I also tossed in a digital camera and stored a few small SD (Secure Digital) cards in the outside zippered pocket. In fact I comfortably fit a PalmOne Tungsten T3, hp iPAQ 2215, and Toshiba PDR-T20 digital camera into the three inside pockets and then also packed a Belkin Wi-Fi CF card, sync-n-charge cables for each device and the Toshiba’s awkward power-supply into the middle pouch area. It wasn’t light weight, but fit three complete gadgets into one case that made it easy to carry. There are plenty of other uses for the Waterfield iPod Gear Pouch that you will come to discover when the time is right.

Anticipating the wide variety of use of the iPod Gear Pouch, Waterfield also has a more generic Gear Pouch (shown in the photo to the left) that is crafted with the same uniqueness and durability, but also available in three different sizes.

These generic Gear Pouches start at $19 and increase in size to just under the iPod Gear pouch. To learn more about Waterfield’s other products visit them on the web,

Today’s gear pouches, as shown below, start at $39 and are available in four different sizes. You can buy your gear pouch, as well as other Waterfield Design bags, wallets, laptop sleeves and gaming cases at


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Yahoo takes a step towards possible sale. I bet someone somewhere is thinking what I am thinking and Yahooo! should have bought Google way back in the summer of 2002.
Source: NY Times

2 Comcast outage hit cable and internet service across U.S.  The outage affected communities including the San Francisco Bay Area; much of the East Coast from Philadelphia to Boston; parts of Florida, and Washington, D.C..
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3 Samsung Galaxy 6, S6 Edge will get Android Marshmallow. This is great because for many Android customers the version of the OS installed on their phone when they buy it is the only version of Android they will ever see unless they upgrade their phone.
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4 A $7 smartphone is launching in India. Ringing Bells has not revealed too many details about Freedom 251, but is likely to be 3G-enabled. Sure, it’s not LTE, but would you sacrifice some speed and performance for a phone that won’t cost you $500, or $25 a month for 24 months (AT&T)?
Source: Mashable

5 Tim Cook gains support in fighting court order to unlock iPhone from Google CEO, Facebook and John MaAfee says he can hack it in 3 weeks or will eat his shoe on live TV.
Source: Wired/Mashable/Arstechnica

WaterField Designs is an innovative SF designer & manufacturer of bags & cases for the tech-savvy who want to stylishly & responsibly transport their gear. Connect with us and find that perfect bag or case! [advertisement]

6 Virgin Galactic unveils new Virgin Galactic VSS Unity and Recommits to Space Tourism. Tickets to space are on pre-sale for around $250,000.
Source: FastCompany

7 Samsung Gear S2 debuts the eSim. The specifications for eSIM were just approved by GSMA, allowing them to be used in devices like smartwatches, tablets, and fitness trackers. This is exciting stuff because soon we may finally be able to be tether-free from our phones.
Source: Slashgear

AT&T starting to test ultraspeedy 5G in Austin, Texas which  would mean a more responsive network that could let a doctor remotely perform delicate surgery with robotic hands. That sounds cool and all, but I don’t think I ever want to hear a surgeon say “can you hear me now?” to their assistant.
Source: CNet

9 Hoverboards may be seized or recalled due to fire risk; Amazon offers full refund
Source: USA Today

10 Alibaba buys 33 million shares of Groupon via a Groupon: Buy $11 million shares and get 33 million – LOL – in all seriousness people seemed to like this. Groupon’s stock opened 35% higher the next morning.
Source: CNBC

WaterField Designs is an innovative SF designer & manufacturer of bags & cases for the tech-savvy who want to stylishly & responsibly transport their gear. Connect with us and find that perfect bag or case! [advertisement]

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