Tirnga Milanese Loop Mesh Stainless Steel Strap for Apple Watch Review

The first accessory that I purchased for my Apple Watch was the Tirnga Milanese Loop Mesh Smooth Stainless Steel Strap through Amazon for around $20. Having always been a fan of steel mesh bands on my other watches, I thought this would be a great looking fit for an already awesome looking wearable. I was half right.

The band was packaged in a small plastic bag inside a larger, plain, manila envelope. It wasn’t anything fancy like the Apple Watch packaging and accomplished the shipping job adequately. The band is extremely flexible so there weren’t any pieces at risk of breaking, so if the lack of more shiny packaging meant to give me the feel-good-fuzzies keeps the price lower then I am all for the dull basics. No instructions were included but this is also Apple and if directions are required Apple has done something wrong and I have paid too much for my Apple Watch. Well, I may have done already anyhow (feeling a little jealous of all the design diversity for Android Wear devices, but that’s another article to look forward to reading).

Taking the original black silicone band off is surprisingly easy. Unlike a typical watch, the Apple Watch doesn’t use springs. It uses magnets that keep the band snugly in place. Simply, turn your Apple Watch onto its face and then depress a small rectangular button and slide the silicone band off. Next, slide the Tirnga Milanese Loop strap connector into place until you feel a gentle click. Now, what I didn’t think about when I first did this was where I wanted the clasp to end up: on the outside or inside of my wrist. The Tirnga Milanese Loop can slide on to accommodate either side of the wrist. There is no easy way to describe how to do this right the first time. While the Apple Watch is laying face down and the magnetic band clasp is on the right, it will wrap around to the inside of your wrist. If it’s on the left side of the watch it will wrap around the outside of wrist.  That’s it you’re done; easy peasy as they say.

After wearing the Tirnga Milanese Loop band for about a month now I love how it looks. Although, I did purchase the silver band and with my spacegray watch I do wish that I had choosen the black instead. The photo on Amazon looks like a deep black which is why I swayed towards silver, but my gadget-guru friend, @bryanlewis, bought the black band and sent me a pic with it on his spacegray watch and it was perfect.


The black actually matches the space gray really well. Photo Credit: @bryanlewis

The only drawback that I found with the Tirnga Milanese Loop band is that the magnet slides down the strap easily during basic use, making the watch loose on my wrist. And by basic use, I mean sitting at my desk typing, taking notes, answering the phone and walking to the breakroom for another cup of coffee.  I am constantly pulling it tighter to a point of annoyance. Although it looks terrific, as well as feels comfortable, I don’t use this band as often as I probably want to, but do recommend trying out new bands. This particular band for me doesn’t fit as well as I would like, but when I asked @bryanlewis if he had a similar issue he reported that he didn’t, so I feel confident in giving the Tirnga Milanese Loop band a thumbs up and recommendation to buy.

I purchased this on Amazon for $19.99

What I like

  • The craftsmanship of the mesh and it doesn’t snag any arm hairs.
  • The price. It is very affordable.
  • The look. It definitely dresses up the Sport edition nicely.
  • The ease of switching it with the sport band, or any other band.

What I don’t like

  • The magnetic clasp easily slips requiring periodic adjustment.
  • Silver band with the spacegray Apple Watch. Black would have been a better choice.

Where To Buy
The only place I have found this product is on Amazon.