Throwback Thursday Review: 11 Years later, Booq PowerSleeve15 Still Relevant

This review was originally published at PocketAnywhere in October 2005. Over the¬†years the¬†Waterfield iPod Gear Pouch, now available as the Waterfield Padded Gear Pouch for $59, has evolved with the gadgets and gear of the modern enthusiast and has a great new design. The Waterfield gear pouch that I still use today from 11 years ago looks just as good as it did the day it arrived on my doorstep in 2005. What hasn’t changed with the product, is the durable quality.

Without need for more words, here is the originally published review of the Waterfield iPod Gear Pouch.

Review: Published September 15, 2005
The Booq PowerSleeve15
Review By Jim McCarthy
Category: cases

Portable computing is becoming more than simply being more efficient while out of the office. It’s becoming a fashion statement. Slim is in, external attachments are out and appearing to carry less is a facade to carrying more power. Take Apple’s 15-inch PowerBook G4 and Booq’s PowerSleeve15.

On the outside it appears like nothing more than a laptop sleeve, but the PowerSleeve15 has enough cargo space to carry Apple’s travel adapter, Bluetooth wireless mouse, a PDA, cell phone and the NextPen Scribe Twin (review in left column); and that’s just in the short outside flip cover which keeps the 15-inch PowerBook G4 from slipping out.

Unlike many laptop bags, the PowerSleeve15 loads from the top on its end rather than its side. Currently, there are not many known laptop cases or sleeves that hold a laptop vertically, but I am sure Booq is setting a new trend in the portable computing world. The advantage of vertical, or top loading of the laptop is that it makes it easier to insert and unpack and improves the overall feeling while carrying the PowerSleeve15 slung around your shoulder.

The shoulder strap is durable, includes a padded shoulder guard and strong metal clasps to secure it to the sleeve. It can easily be detached, rolled up and stowed away in the exterior pouch. The PowerSleeve itself is made from tough 1680D ballistic nylon out the outside and the padded laptop compartment easily fits most 15-inch laptops. As added eye-candy for PowerBook users it’s modern and “different” design compliments not only the PowerBook, but the character of the PowerBook user themselves. Now if there was an all silver color that would be something else to help distinguish what you’re packing: an “Apple” or a “Dell”. I am being bias that most Windows laptops are Black and Apple’s are Silver or White.

The PowerSleeve isn’t just for PowerBook users and also isn’t just for a laptop. It is large enough to slip in a copy of Time, Business Week, or Sports Illustrated as well as stowaway RoadTools Coolpad laptop stand (review in Volume 3, Issue 3, Page 39) and few file folders for that current project. The backside of the PowerSleeve also includes an additional full length, zippered compartment for storing a few more miscellaneous files, folders, perhaps another magazine. It doesn’t stretch like the front exterior pouch for storing power adapters, but assorted USB cables fit quite well.

Even if you don’t have a laptop, the PowerSleeve also makes for a sleek document case for your next class or meeting. A use that never really occurred to me until I read the product description on