Apple TouchID On The Next Macbook?

When Apple first introduced Apple TouchID with the iPhone 5S I thought, “pfff” just another finger print reader trying to be like Android and Lenovo laptops, but it’s actually quite amazing and does something other devices do but simply better. What is that? pass-thru integrated app authentication. (more…)

Did you get a Fitbit or Garmin Vivosmart in your stocking this year?

Hi Ho! and Merry Christmas! TeaTimeTechTalk readers. As the morning sun softly sneaked into my bedroom window, I awoke to the silent, light-vibration of my new Garmin Vivosmart fitness band. And, what, to my wondering delight was covering the front yard, but a light dusting of Sierra snow. It was truly a magical and tech morning indeed. The Christmas tree lights all glistened and sparkled as the jingle of Santa’s bells that I heard the eve before cross-faded into laughter and sounds of “look-at-what-I-got” Christmas joy.

Organizing Your CSS With A Little SASS!

Last October my Tea Time Tech Talk friend and co-founder of this ten-minute-non-sense-tech-talk-while-getting-our-morning-cup-of-tea, Bryan, and I attended the 2014 CSS Dev Conference (pedi-cab!) in New Orleans where we heard a lovely closing keynote with Chris Coyier, founder of CSS-Tricks and CodePen. From the one hour (maybe it was two – in all honesty I got sucked into Words With Friends) Q&A I took away a single comment made by Coyier relating to CodePen’s CSS that in one weekend, two months later, changed my CSS life forever.